The legacy you left behind

“Shukran. Yor shukran for doing this every month. You’ll never know what it means to the people here. May Allah reward you all for everything that you doing.”


By simply being alive and living with EB, you inspired a niyyah and a du’a that has brought goodness even after you have gone. This was a heartfelt du’a by one of the Manenberg residence who usually doesn’t even come to the distribution points to collect food, because he’s working during that time, but he sees the effect it has on the community.

Amatullah. Do you know how many times we’ve wondered if we should give it up and maybe channel our energies elsewhere? Maybe change the MM structure and facilitate change in a different way.

And every single time, without fail, Allah gifts us moments like these where we realize that what we see isn’t necessarily its reality. We see crazy distribution days, the community sees hope. We feel once a month just isn’t enough, the community feel it a relief and a joy. We feel defeated, the community feel empowered and motivated to do more.

Every month without fail, there are people who warmly and sincerely thank us for the food we distribute – a small punnet. Only enough for one meal, and yet many a times the responses we receive is as if we’ve brought them a feast which would last for days.

Amati, I pray your Jannah experience enhances with every distribution and contribution made to Mission Manenberg, and that every du’a and niyyah made by others at the inception of this project is realized, accepted and rewarded. I pray your sisters are able to draw benefit from this initiative, and in turn be rewarded and accepted for their contributions as well.

Amati. You were my inspiration in this life, and now your sisters draw from the khayr (goodness) that started with you.

May Allah love you, accept you and reward you for the little bits we continue to do…because of you.

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