Spiritual Reminders through an Organiser 1

30 November 2018

Living with EB can be challenging.
I was struggling to keep up with the demands of life and looking after two kids, whilst maintaining my spirituality.
It’s not that I didn’t want to, but rather that in the craziness of life, I couldn’t think of what I needed to do.

Enter The Muslimah Organizer, a reminder to me of ways I could increase in spirituality.
Good changes started happening. My kids were more content and my Amatullah especially loved hearing the athkaar that came more readily from my lips.
The Organizer became such a part of our lives, that I couldn’t fathom going to hospital without it.
It was our spiritual lifeline, and allowed me to remember my Rabb more, especially in the quiet of hospital I’ve become so accustomed to.
I saw Amatullah more content in hospital than I could remember and I can only but thank the sisters who came together and gifted us with this beautiful gift.

The Muslimah Organizer is but a means of remembering Allah, but without it, I may not have remembered Him at all.

Using the Muslimah Organiser in hospital

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