Spirituality through an Organiser2

22 December 2018

Nearly four years ago, our Rabb gifted is with a most beautiful gift, the gift of a little girl whom we named Amatullah.
She became the light of our lives, and a constant reminder to us of our Rabb.
When Allah returned her beautiful soul to Him two days ago, He took with it a part of our hearts.
And though our hearts were broken, we couldn’t help but recall all the favors He had bestowed upon us during this time.

As the news of her passing began to settle in, I found myself looking for my Muslimah Organiser once more, wanting to use every free moment remembering Allah, using the Organiser as a guide.

When Allah gifts you with something, He never so in vain. He gifted me The Organiser when He did, because He knew I needed to gain closeness to Him, as well as some momentum in gaining spirituality so that I could be a bit more consistent in remembering Him post my daughter’s demise. He knew what I needed, long before I ever did. And He also knew that I’d value it more if I remembered the joy it brought to her beautiful soul, now playing in Jannah.

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